CrossFit Icehouse Event

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020
Goal $1,000
10% Funded
$100 Raised
5 Donations

We will be celebrating the life of our favorite super hero Super G the best way we know how: with a Hero WOD in his honor. Grantley loved "bro day" with his dad and his buddies at the gym, so we plan to honor him with a version of that 🧡

We hope you can join us to honor his memory with a partner workout!

Grantley "Super G" Johnson:

Part 1
Teams of Two
14 Min AMRAP
24 Deadlift
12 Hang Power Cleans
6 Back Squats
F: 95/63 P: 135/93 S: 155/123

Rest 5 Min

Part 2
In 10 Minutes Build to:
10 Rep Max Bench Press
Each Partner will hit the 10 reps, score will be max load between the two partners

Build to a 5 Rep Max MB or KB Squat
3 Rounds
10 MB Deadlifts
8 MB Cleans
4 MB Squats

All are welcome and this workout can be modified to any level.

Thank you to KFYR for their Sponsorship.
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