Moritz McQuade Brave the Sandbar

^This is the link to register for one of the tournaments. If you are coming just to enjoy the day with us, there is no need to register.

We are so looking forward to this event! It's going to be fun for the entire family. We will be hosting a co-ed volleyball tournament, bocce ball tournament and spike ball tournament on a sandbar on Saturday, August 3rd. A prize will be awarded for first place in each tournament. If you don't wish to compete. We will have volleyball courts, bocce ball, spike ball, beersby and cornhole setup on the sandbar for everyone to enjoy. You can register for the tournaments online or at the sandbar on the day of the event. Registration is from noon to 1pm and the tournaments will start at 1:30 or sooner, depending on when the brackets are complete. You are welcome to bring beverages of your choice. No glass bottles are allowed on the sandbar. Bayside Tesoro will be having an off-sale drink special and Rock Point will have an in-house drink special. McQuade Distributing will be matching proceeds earned from the drink specials.

If you don't have a boat to get to the sandbar, we've got you covered. Moritz Marine will be providing rides all day long to and from the sandbar. They will leave from Rickers Marina which is located just east of Moritz Marine. You can park in the parking lot south of Rock Point. If you do own a boat, we can be found on the Diaper Bay Sandbar. It is visible to the south of Grant Marsh Bridge (I-94 bridge). There aren't many sandbars this year so if you are on the river between the railroad bridge and the I-94 bridge, we should be easy to find.

This entire day is being put on to bring awareness to pediatric cancer. At sunset, we will have a lighted boat parade from the sandbar to Rock Point. What a sight it will be to see all of the boats and pontoons light up our beautiful Missouri River in honor of our families affected by childhood cancer. Rock Point will be hosting the After Glow Party with live music by Booz-N-Tuna.


Decorating Your Boat

There are a number of different ways you can go about decorating your boat. The easiest way is probably to use a power inverter.

Power Inverter – a power inverter will invert the power from your battery’s DC current to AC.

Inverters can be purchased at many places and cost as little a $20. However, smaller inverters which generally plug into a power outlet (think cigarette lighter for the old school) will be able to power fewer lights.  Most slightly larger inverters have spring clamps that clip onto boat battery terminals. These work well for lighting the newer LED Christmas lights, as a string of 100 mini-LED lights uses about 7 watts of power. Add up the amount of watts that you intend to power and obtain an inverter with a little extra wattage. An inverter is simple to use and uses the power your engine is already generating. It is quieter than a generator. You can always use the inverter to power items such as a laptop in a car when on a trip.

Another alternative is a generator – an easy method is to place a portable gasoline generator on your boat. You can power almost any amount of lights and decorations, depending on the size of the generator. This method works well if you want to use older incandescent (non-LED) Christmas lights, as they draw more power. The main disadvantage of a generator is the noise they can make.

Twelve Volt Lights – 12 volt lights can be powered directly from your boat’s starting battery or extra batteries can be used. Boat lights, automobile, flashing lights, etc. can be powered with this method. 12 volt lights can be purchased at auto and boat supply retailers.

Old School – this most basic method involves Chinese lantern type decorations which you can light with flashlights. String them around your boat to create an effective and impressive display. Or, take advantage of modern technology and use light sticks to decorate yourselves and your boat. 

Whichever method you use, be sure to be safe and have fun!

We are also seeking volunteers to help throughout the day. If you're able, please sign up here.

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